Somfy ZWave Interface 16 channels

  • $ 289.50
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Control your Somfy devices from ZWave controllers like SmartThings or Vera

Connect the Somfy Z-Wave to RTS Interface to your Somfy TaHomA home automation system. The Interface will receive commands from your Z-Wave controller, and then convert them into Radio Technology Somfy (RTS) commands for up to 16 connected RTS motors or groups of motors. Integrating RTS devices into the Somfy Z-Wave to RTS Interface is easy through intuitive digital menus, displayed clearly on an LCD screen. The Interface has one base node and 16 virtual nodes. The virtual nodes correspond to 16 RTS channels. Once programmed into the Interface, these virtual nodes duplicate all settings for each channel within the Z-Wave network. The Interface requires 110VAC power and can be plugged into any standard outlet. NOTE: One Somfy Z-Wave to RTS Interface is recommended for each 25 to 35-foot area where RTS motors are present.